With Wall Pilates being so popular right now, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge with you!

In case you don't have enough free space at a Wall but still want to give Wall Pilates a try, most exercises can be done against a door or a sturdy closet.

Remember to take rest days whenever you need them and modify the exercises or switch up the videos to make it work for YOU. This is your practice, your time on the mat – so make it work for you, not against you 🩵

I made a little guide for the most common Wall Pilates exercises, things to keep in mind and modifications as well as progressions. You can find it here.

Tips for the 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge

✨ Follow the Ten-Day Schedule: Follow the structured 10-day plan and dedicate 10-25 minutes every day to complete the planned Wall Pilates workouts.

✨ Listen to Your Body: Modify exercises as needed and practice patience as your strength and flexibility evolve.

✨ Respect Your Body's Needs: Honor your body's signals for rest and recovery. If a day off is necessary, that's absolutely fine. The goal is to complete the challenge at your own pace, even if it extends beyond 10 days.

✨ Work with Your Breath: Pay close attention to your breath, especially during challenging exercises. Inhale and exhale mindfully to enhance your practice.

✨ Hydrate and Nourish: Stay hydrated! For a lot of people, drinking about 1.5 liters (water/herbal tea) per day is a good fit. Add a splash of lemon, ginger or fruits for a refreshing twist. Opt for whole foods and a variety of fruits, vegetables and legumes.

✨ Prioritize Restorative Sleep:
Aim for approximately 8 hours of quality sleep each night. Sufficient rest allows your muscles to recover and rejuvenate for the next day's workouts.

10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge

The Schedule

10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge Schedule

Day 1

We start with a core and lower body Wall Pilates workout. We're working the core, inner thighs, outer thighs and glutes!

20 MIN WALL PILATES WORKOUT || Abs, Inner Thighs, Glutes & Legs ✨ 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge! ✨
Welcome to this quick 20 minute Wall Pilates Workout! In today’s class, we’re working the core, inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes and legs.

Day 2

Today we're doing a 20 minute full-body Wall Pilates workout. We're working the upper body, core, glutes and legs.

20 MIN WALL PILATES || Full Body Workout for Beginners
I hope you enjoy this free Wall Pilates workout video! Feel free to share this video & let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

Day 3

With only 10 Minutes, this is a short one today, but still effective and designed to help you feel great afterwards!

10 MIN WALL PILATES || Full Body Pilates Workout at Home
Welcome to our third Wall Pilates class: An all-levels full-body workout you can do in the comfort of your home!

Day 4

This time, we're placing the mat with the long side against the wall. If you don't have space for it, feel free to do another (Wall) Pilates video!

20 MIN WALL PILATES WORKOUT || Full Body – All Levels
Join me for this 20-minute Wall Pilates workout video. We will use the wall to support our exercises and to challenge our bodies in unique ways.

Day 5

Today is our rest day! Feel free to take the day off or join me for this restorative 10 minute Yoga practice at the wall to stretch your body and find relaxation.

10 MIN GENTLE WALL YOGA || Instant Stress Relief
Whether you’ve just finished a challenging Wall Pilates Workout or simply seek a quick way to de-stress, this 10 min Wall Yoga class is for you!

Day 6

Wall Pilates with a Mini Ball? Yes please! If you don't have a Pilates Ball, no problem, I'll show options without the ball throughout the video and in the blogpost!

20 MIN WALL PILATES + MINI BALL || Wall Pilates Challenge
Welcome to this 20 minute Wall Pilates Workout – we’re taking it up a notch by incorporating a mini Pilates ball ✨ (+ options without a ball)

Day 7

Today's class is an intermediate to advanced class – if you're feeling low energy today feel free to revisit one of the other classes and if you're feeling energetic, give this one a try! :)

20 MIN WALL PILATES x YOGA WORKOUT || Intermediate Class
Join me for our 2nd Wall Pilates class 😊 We will use the wall to challenge our bodies in unique ways, combining Yoga & Pilates for best results!

Day 8

Join me for this new 15-minute Wall Pilates Workout that targets your abs, obliques, inner thighs, and glutes, all while incorporating relaxing stretches to keep you energized and motivated throughout.

15 MIN WALL PILATES WORKOUT || Core, Inner Thighs & Glutes
This Wall Pilates Workout targets your abs, obliques, inner thighs, and glutes along with some relaxing Yoga stretches to keep you energized.

Day 9

Repeat your favorite class! Doing it a second (or third, etc) time can be so beneficial because you're already familiar with the moves and the flow which makes it easier to focus on each exercise!

If you have no idea what class to do, I'd recommend the one with the Mini Ball :) or the relaxing 10 min Yoga at the Wall stretch!

Day 10

Today's class will be a bit challenging, but it's worth it! This 25 Minute Wall Pilates Workout will challenge your strength and balance – plus Lisa, our cat, is joining us to keep you entertained 😊

25 MIN WALL PILATES || Full Body Workout - Free Video Class
In this full-body wall pilates workout, we’ll work our way through effective exercises to sculpt & strengthen your core, glutes, legs & upper body.

You did it!! 🥳🎉✨

Let me know how you liked it & what your favorite class was below 😊