Welcome to our new 25-Minute Wall Pilates video! In this full-body workout, we'll work our way through effective exercises to sculpt and strengthen your core, glutes, legs, and upper body. We've got everything covered, from bridges to planks, lunges to balance exercises, and of course, those much-needed yoga stretches for flexibility and relaxation.

To prepare, place the short side of your mat against a wall. We'll start with a gentle warm-up to get your body ready for the workout ahead. Then, we'll flow through a series of exercises using the wall as a prop: bridges, crunches, planks, lunges, and standing exercises to engage your core, build strength, and improve your balance. In the end, we take a few minutes for a soothing yoga stretch to release tension from our muscles, helping you leave this sweaty class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whether you're a fit beginner or have experience with pilates, this workout is designed to challenge and inspire you. By incorporating wall exercises, we add a fun (and challenging!) twist to mat pilates, providing added support and stability for a more effective workout.

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