Wall Pilates is a new trend that doesn't seem to go anywhere soon – isn't it great that you can do workouts and train from the comfort of your home?

Recently, my Wall Pilates Workouts have been featured in two German magazines (Freundin and Madame) and on YouAligned (it's a great article, so have a look if you're interested!). In 2023, I published 8 Wall Pilates classes on YouTube and a 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge, so keep reading to hear my honest thoughts about that latest fitness trend from TikTok.

What Exactly Is Wall Pilates? Plus 5 Wall Pilates Exercises to Try at Home
Wall Pilates is taking TikTok by storm! Learn about the popular workout, plus 5 wall Pilates exercises you can try today and their benefits.

First of all, What IS Wall Pilates?

Wall Pilates is a new style of Pilates that takes classic Pilates exercises to the wall – think squats at the wall, bridge with your feet up, planks with your feet at the wall, push ups against the wall. Some exercises are a little bit more challenging with a wall, others are more accessible, such as push ups against the wall and balance exercises.

What do I need for Wall Pilates?

Other than a mat and a bit of free space at a wall, nothing. Of course, there are workouts that use weights, bands or a pilates ball, but it's definitely not something you need.

How is it different from Mat Pilates?

Other than using the wall, there's not really a difference. You work with slow and controlled movements while using your breath to guide you.

Can I get toned and lose weight by doing only Wall Pilates?

There's more to weight loss and looking 'toned' than your workouts: your lifestyle and diet plays a big role there. However, any style of Pilates (Mat, Wall or Reformer) can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet and contribute to your goals.

Is it beginner-friendly?

As always - it depends. There are definitely classes that are beginner-friendly, like these ones

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And if you want to have a quick look at some common Wall Pilates exercises, check out this blog post.

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And finally... here's what I think about it.

Is Wall Pilates better than Mat Pilates? I don't think so. It's fun, accessible and switching things up helps to keep it interesting, but it's not something you absolutely need to do if you don't enjoy it. If you're struggling with balance, having a chair or wall nearby is great to help you feel safe. If you're just starting to build upper body strength, push ups against a wall are a lot easier to adjust to your level. If you're more advanced, planks with your feet at the wall can challenge your upper body and core strength. But doing Mat Pilates or Yoga Workouts regularly for a couple of weeks will have the same effect as similar Wall Pilates classes – so just go for whatever movement feels right for you.

What's your opinion on Wall Pilates?

Now, if you're ready to give Wall Pilates a try, my free 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge is a great way to do so (whether you do it in 10, 20 or 30 days) – I hope you enjoy it!

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