Welcome to this 20 minute Total Body Wall Pilates Workout – we're taking it up a notch by incorporating a mini Pilates ball ✨ Get ready to target your abs, legs, glutes, and upper body in this intermediate full body Pilates workout you can do from the comfort of your home. We'll dive into dynamic Pilates and Yoga moves that will leave you feeling stronger and more energized and we'll finish class with a feel-good yoga stretch.

If you don't have a ball, no problem: You can find many variations throughout the video and if you scroll down on this page.

As preparation for this Wall Pilates workout, place the short side of your mat against a wall. If you don't have enough free space at a wall but still want to give Wall Pilates a try, most exercises can be done against a door or a sturdy closet.

I hope you enjoy this Wall Pilates workout. Feel free to share this video with a friend or family member, and let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

About the 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge:
This is is Day 6 of our free 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge ➡️ With Wall Pilates being so popular right now, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a 10 Day Wall Pilates Challenge with you! Remember to take rest days whenever you need them and modify the exercises or switch up the videos to make it work for YOU. This is your practice, your time on the mat – so make it work for you, not against you 🩵

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How to adjust the exercises if don't have a Pilates Ball

If you don't have Pilates ball, that's no big deal – here are variations of the exercises you can do instead!

Rotation & Wall Squat

  • The Rotation can be done without a ball in the same way.
  • Instead of a wall squat (with the ball we're moving up and down) you can just hold it low.
  • Instead of pulses, hold the wall squat and lift one heel at a time.

Standing Push Up at the Wall & Standing Crunch

  • Instead of rolling the ball along the wall, you can simply slide along the wall with your hand.
  • The crunch works just as well without the ball.

Curtsy Squat, Side Leg Lift, Squeeze/Kick back

  • You don't need the ball here – however, if you'd like to have some resistance, roll up one big towel (or two small ones) and place it behind your knee.
  • Instead of squeezing, pulse back, little kicks.

Bicycle Crunch

  • Same movement with or without the Pilates ball.


  • The exercises are very close, whether you're using a ball or not.
  • 1. Exercise (Bridge lifts, foot at the wall): You can keep your entire foot at the wall or rise onto your toes; the focus is on the leg with the grounded foot.
  • 2. Exercise (extend and bend the lifted leg): Slide the foot along the wall or draw the knee to your upper body and extend to tap the wall.
  • 3. Exercise (extend and lift, bend and lower): Just like the second exercises, but this time we add the hips.

Stretch: Reverse Pigeon

  • Place your foot the wall (option to rise onto your toes), ground the foot or hug the knee in.