Imagine starting your day with the perfect balance of mindfulness and a delicious beverage, setting the tone for a peaceful and productive (Sun-)day. Join us for this unique experience that seamlessly weaves fitness and morning rituals into one joyful practice.

Welcome to the fourth class of our G.Y.S.T. Retreat – A weekend to unwind, reset & thrive! Get ready for a 20-minute Yoga Pilates Fusion that's "Easy like a Sunday Morning."

In this special session, we're combining the best of both worlds: a dynamic blend of Yoga and Pilates, designed to be enjoyed while sipping your morning coffee, tea, or beverage of choice. Embrace the relaxed vibes of a Sunday morning as we flow through energizing movements and strengthening exercises.

It's time to savor your favorite drink and fuel your body and soul with this uplifting Yoga Pilates Fusion. Let's make this Sunday morning truly exceptional!

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