Welcome to the first video of our G.Y.S.T. Retreat – A weekend to unwind, reset & thrive! In this soothing 15-minute Candlelight Yoga class, you have the opportunity to find complete relaxation and drift into a peaceful sleep. Whether you choose to practice in bed or on your mat, you'll experience gentle seated stretches, followed by blissful poses like butterfly, eagle spinal twist, and shoelace. Prepare to let go of the day's tensions and embrace tranquility as you nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Feel free to light up some candles and create a serene space for ultimate rejuvenation 🕯️

Tip: Make sure you find a comfortable position for the seated stretches. You can place a blanket underneath your glutes (both in bed and on the mat) and cover yourself for the final stretches to feel warm and cozy.

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