This gentle Full Body Yoga helps to release tension from your entire body and gives you an opportunity to work on your balance and lower body strength in a gentle way.

We'll begin this hand-/wrist-friendly class with stretches for your arms, shoulders and back for an upper body relief. Then, we'll warm up the legs, open the hips and make our way to standing to work on balance and lower body strength, before finishing our session with a full body release.

Leggings: Teeki (save 10% with code MELANIE)
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โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿฉน TBI Recovery: This class can support you on your Head Injury/Concussion/TBI recovery journey. Yoga classes like this are what I missed when I was recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury a couple years ago โ€“ not too easy, but also not too hard and no inversions. The exercises in this sequence aim to enhance strength and flexibility, offering gentle movement suitable for all levels.

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