(Re-)build your strength with this 10 Min Chair Yoga Workout – a calm, no-talking Full Body & Balance Workout which can be a good choice and helpful tool if you're recovering from a TBI/Concussion/Head injury. It includes gentle strength-building moves, exercises to challenge your balance as well as as soothing stretches. You won't need a mat, just a chair – so it's a great option if you're traveling!

Keep in mind that every head injury is unique and feels different, but they all take a lot of time and care to recover. So take it at your own pace and listen to your body!

❤️‍🩹 TBI Recovery: This class can support you on your Head Injury/Concussion/TBI (traumatic brain injury) recovery journey. Yoga classes like this are what I missed when I was recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury a couple years ago – that's why I'm sharing them. The exercises in this sequence offer gentle movement suitable for all levels.