Goodbye summer, hello fall! 🍁

Since it's just the beginning of autumn, I'm sharing some journal prompts with you today that go well with the beginning of autumn and the change of season! So keep reading (or simply scroll down πŸ˜‰).

By the way, have you had the chance to try our new "Flow into Fall" Yoga class yet? It's designed at an intermediate level, but in the accompanying blog post, I've shared some variations using Yoga blocks to make it a bit more gentle :)

Now, let's dive into our Inner Waves Journal. Today, I'm excited to recap the adventures of summer 2023 with you. Throughout the summer, we had the pleasure of spending time back home in Northern Germany, surrounded by family and friends. We took the opportunity to film yoga videos on the beautiful beaches, although a few unexpected rain showers surprised us during filming. It's been a busy season, filled with work and wanderlust. We also embarked on a short trip to Denmark, exploring the captivating Stevns Klint, MΓΈns Klint, and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

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