Relax & unwind with this 20 minute Yoga class (live recording)! This slow Yoga stretch targets the legs (hips, hamstrings and quads) through deep, yin-inspired holds, but we're also adding some stretches for the upper body – making it a well-rounded class that's perfect after a long day of tasks or work!

This live Yoga class is easy on your hands and wrists (no down dog, no planks, etc) and it can help to improve your flexibility. All levels are welcome, beginner or intermediate, and I'll offer variations for the deeper stretches! You won't need any equipment, but feel free to have a block nearby for support.

❤️‍🩹 TBI Recovery: This class can support you on your Head Injury/Concussion/TBI recovery journey. Yoga classes like this are what I missed when I was recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury a couple years ago – not too easy, but also not too hard and no inversions. The exercises in this sequence aim to enhance strength and flexibility, offering gentle movement suitable for all levels.