Head Injuries & TBI's happen all the time, but are discussed very little. Every injury is unique and feels different, but they all take a lot of time and care to recover. I created this Silent Yoga Class to help you build balance & stability (very important in our day-to-day life) and added a breathing exercise that can help you to calm down and focus.

Three Part Breath:

  • We start in a seated position (e.g. Sukhasana – easy pose) or by lying down on your back, like in savasana. Let your body feel heavy on the mat.
  • Place one hand on your belly, just above the navel, and the other one on your chest and observe your breathing.
  • Now, we will begin with the practice of Three Part Breathing:
  • With your inhalation, fill the air first into your belly, continue to your rib cage and your chest.
  • Then exhale the air first from the chest, then from the rib cage and then completely from the belly.
belly – ribs – chest

chest – ribs – belly

The inhalation and exhalation is supposed to be continuous and fluid, so let the air flow in and out smoothly without any breaks.

Feel free to stay close to a wall or something you can hold onto, just in case you feel unstable during the balancing exercises.

I avoided inversions like down dog in this class because I know that this can be uncomfortable, especially in the beginning stages of recovery. If anything doesn't feel right, please take a break and chose a pose that supports you. Your yoga practice is supposed to make you feel good. There's no need to stay in poses that don't feel good ;)

This class won't solve all your problems, but yoga & gentle exercise can definitely help you on your recovery journey! In fact, imaging activates the same path ways as actually doing it → for example, think about doing chaturanga even if you can't do it (yet)!

A little bit about my journey: I experienced a head injury a few years ago that's left me with a few issues, but my yoga journey (along with a nutritious diet) has played a very big role in my recovery.