Enhance your body awareness, cultivate a powerful core, and unlock your full potential both on and off the saddle.

In this invigorating 20-minute core workout, we combine the best elements of Yoga and Pilates to bring you a focused and transformative workout for your abs and core.

Whether you're a horse rider looking to enhance your riding skills or someone seeking to strengthen and tone your core muscles, this video is perfect for you. Designed with equestrians in mind, this Yoga Pilates fusion class will help improve your stability, balance, and overall body control. Through a seamless blend of yoga postures and Pilates techniques, you'll develop strength, flexibility, and a deeper mind-body connection.

As you flow through each movement, you'll engage your core from every angle, working not only your abs but also the deeper muscles that support your posture and stability. The exercises will help you build a strong center, essential for maintaining balance and control while riding.

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