This exclusive collection of Yoga classes and Pilates-inspired Yoga Workouts is geared toward Equestrians and anyone looking to improve their balance, flexibility, coordination, mobility & full-body strength!

You can access the collection via the Studio Membership (on-demand classes) or (coming soon) as a single investment - downloadable courses plus an ebook!

See what's included here or below!

The Classes

Class #1: Upper Body Strength - 39 min

Class #2: Lower Body Strength - 27 min

Class #3: Vinyasa Flow - 25 min

Class #4: Flexibility - 28 min

The Guides

Intro & Why Yoga can be beneficial for Equestrians

5 Yoga Poses every Horse Rider should know

2 Practical Riding Tips & Exercises

How to work with these classes & Monthly Schedule