What about some fresh air and a boost of positive energy in your life? In this 20 min Yoga Pilates fusion workout (filmed on epic Swedish skerries) we’re going to take the element of air and move through a series of exercises to energize your body and mind. The exercises will strengthen your core and upper body in preparation for baby crow and crow pose.

This is a 20-minute sequence focused on core strength and mobility. It has three components - feel-good Yoga poses, toning Pilates exercises, and a breathing practice (pranayama) in the end to get into a peaceful state of mind.

I hope this air element inspired Yoga workout helps you creatively reinvent yourself to look at the things more openly, be more compassionate for yourself and for others, feel light in your body and find your balance.

This is your fourth class in the Element Series. This series is based on each element found in nature and how it ties into your personal practice. Over the next few weeks discover how you can take the inspiration found from nature and apply it to your yoga practice in a way that feels heart centered, intentional and fun!