I just published 4 new classes for studio members. I aim to make the vast majority of my videos freely available. Still, some special-themed multi-session courses, such as the new Yoga for Balance collection, are exclusive to studio members to express my gratitude for their support–thank you!

This new Yoga for Balance collection is all about balance and stability which are essential aspects of everyday life that often go unnoticed until they are compromised. Whether walking down the street, carrying groceries, or performing any physical activity, our bodies rely on balance and stability to keep us safe and efficient. Unfortunately, as we age or lead sedentary lifestyles, our balance and stability can deteriorate, increasing the risk of falls and injuries. That's where yoga comes in. Practicing yoga regularly can help improve our balance and stability, enhancing our overall physical performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Class Overview

The classes build on each other, so it's best to take them in order–at least when you're doing them for the first time.

Class 1 is a 20-minute beginner-friendly flow for core and lower body strength.

Class 2 is a 30-minute beginner to intermediate flow that targets the entire body and we're adding some twists to make it more fun.

Class 3 is a 20-minute Standing-Only flow which means it's a great option if you want to give your wrists a little break!

Class 4 is the final 30-minute flow where we're putting it all together! It's the most challenging one and it combines Pilates exercises and Yoga poses for best results.

I also added an accompanying guide for this collection with the Top 5 Yoga poses and transitions such that you can easily add them to your personal practice.

I hope you find this collection helpful and the poses and sequences beneficial! Our next live class will also be balance-focused to celebrate the launch. I'm always happy to receive feedback or suggestions for new themes to explore for you.

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See you soon on the mat!